What Are 4-Star Hotels in Oman?

Most people do not know what the hotel rating system means. Most people know that 4-star hotels in Oman mean that it is a very nice hotel but that is where their knowledge base ends. The hotel rating system is a very real system much like the Michelin Star system for restaurants. It is an indicator of what you can expect from the hotel. Understanding what 4-star hotels in Oman really means can help you to choose the right hotel.

The Basics

The stars are given based on the quality of the property, the quality of the rooms and the amenities. So a one star hotel does not necessarily mean that it is a terrible hotel but it does mean that you should not expect great thing from the hotel. The star system is assigned by travel industry insiders but the chart below will give you a basic idea of what the ratings mean:

Star Rating One Well-Known Travel Service Hotel Organizations
1 star Economy, no frills Simple accommodations budget minded
2 star Economy, no frills, comfortable Clean, basic, no frills
3 star Good service, added value Comfortable, added value
4 star Superior property, full range of amenities, upscale, high quality Deluxe upscale, comfort, luxury, high quality
5 star Finest hotels, exceptional service Most expensive, luxury, flawless service

A 4 star hotel offers many of the amenities that you will find in a 5 star hotel but without the extreme price tag. 4 star means that you are getting the best in service, the best in luxury and the best in setting. It is a high end hotel that meets or exceeds expectations. If luxury, comfort and service is important to you than a 4-star is a perfect hotel for you. The Fanar Hotel & Residences is THE 4-star hotel in Oman!

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