Urban Coal House: No Better Place for a Private Party in Red Bank

As a party planner, I have seen it all. I started by helping my friends throw private birthday parties for their children, and while young kids can be easy to please, older ones can become more fussy and concerned about the details of their special event. Later, I realized I had a knack for private party planning, and started to look out for all the event locations in my area in New Jersey. Now I am convinced that Red Bank’s best private party venue is the Urban Coal House. You might already know the Urban Coal House, have savored their fresh-from-the-oven pizza with the gooey melting cheese or enjoyed one of the many craft beers on tap. If you’ve ever had a good time at Urban Coal House—and let’s face it, who hasn’t?—then you’re in luck—their space screams party!

Why is Urban Coal House simply the best in Red Bank, possibly the best in all of New Jersey? Because of the service. The service at Urban Coal House is what sets the venue apart. The staff is trained to handle large groups in personable and professional manners, attending to the needs of guests and hosts alike. Also because the management team at Urban Coal House is flexible and willing to accommodate special dietary needs or even create a fully customized catering menu for private parties, the Urban Coal House is hands-down the best. Whereas other venues that claim to host private parties do so begrudgingly, remaining inflexible with their menus or their spaces, Urban Coal House wants you and your guests to have the best time.

The space, the atmosphere, the food, and the service: everything is in place at Urban Coal House for your private party to go even better than you planned. Next time you need to host an event at Urban Coal House, I hope I’m invited!

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