Before Turning The Furnace On Or Starting A Fire, Have All The Chimney Repairs Performed

A chimney must be maintained properly to prevent a fire from becoming a reality. Chimney repairs can include replacing the cement cap, separating bricks, replacing rain caps and repairing water damage. Mortar joints between bricks can become sandy and deteriorate from standing water lying along the top of the mortar. The cement cap at the top of a chimney can become cracked from water damage from cold temperatures. The water can enter a crack, freeze and turn the cement cap to sand. A proper inspection should be completed by a company that performs chimney inspection and repairs.

The main reason to keep a chimney in top condition is to eliminate any chance of fire in a home or for breathing problems from back flow of soot and smoke. Flue liners are located on the inside of a chimney. This liner must not have any cracks or openings in it. Only a professional should inspect and replace a flue liner. Bricks will have to be removed and can be re-installed by a professional. Cracks in the mortar between bricks can leave a chimney vulnerable to water and ice damage.

Once a crack begins, it will continue to get larger. Some cracks are almost impossible to see unless you’ve been trained professional to observe them. Chimney inspections should be performed at least once a year for the safety and security of the home owners. Once the inspection is completed, the individual that performed the inspection can inform the home owner of any Chimney Repairs that need to be completed. It’s also important to have the flashing along the outside of the chimney checked for any water leakage that may reach the chimney. The flashing is the metal that is placed between the roof and the chimney where they meet. If there is any damage along the flashing, it must be immediately sealed.

Do not let the winter begin with a proper inspection of the chimney on a home or building. It is an affordable home service that can benefit the safety and security of the occupants. An inspection can also let verify if a chimney needs to be cleaned. For more information on inspection and repair of a chimney, feel free to check out website.

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