Common Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Regardless of where you live from Denver to Castle Pines, CO, there will come a time when your air conditioning unit starts to give you signs that it is getting old or needs repair.

Often if a homeowner is able to recognize these signs, some which are very subtle, you can give us a call and we can arrive in time to simply repair the unit. In most early signs of problems repairs are much less costly than people anticipate, and we can even check over the system and perform any necessary maintenance or proactive repairs to help it to keep blowing cold air without any problems.

Warm Air or Hot/Cold Areas
If you notice there are some areas of the home that are cold, some that are barely cool and some that are constantly warm, you may need air conditioning repair of the condenser, or it may just be a problem with the level of refrigerant.

In some cases, and in some older houses, there can also be issues with collapsed or blocked ductwork. In this situation, it isn’t the AC unit at all, but it can be very difficult to find without experience in tracking these issues down.

System Won’t Start
People often assume the worst when the air conditioner doesn’t come on. Before calling for air conditioning repair, check the breaker box and make sure there is power. If the breaker trips immediately when pushed to the on position, leave it off and call us as this can be a serious electrical issue in the motor or system.

In some cases, it may also a problem with the thermostat. Try lowering the temperature and see if it comes on, or make sure you don’t have zone controls incorrectly set.

Strange Noises
Any grinding, squealing, buzzing or whirring noises coming from the AC unit should be considered at top priority for calling us in to complete air conditioning repair. It may be something as simple as a belt that needs adjusting or a blower that needs a bit of oil, but it continued sounds often mean something serious that could cause significant damage if not fixed immediately.

The most important message we can give our clients is to not ignore these problem signs. Remember, early repairs can help reduce costs, something all our customers in Castle Pines, CO want in their air conditioning service.

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