Why Your Long-Term Stay is Better Spent in an Apartment Hotel

When you’re planning a long-term stay, you don’t want to spend it in just any hotel. You want a home away from home. Apartment hotels offer all the luxury of a hotel with all the comfort of your own home. When searching for an apartment hotel in Nairobi, look for the little things that make all the difference.

What Is an Apartment Hotel?

While a regular hotel typically includes a bed, TV, bathroom, nightstand, and a dresser, an apartment hotel should include other amenities to make it more like home. Most apartment hotels include a full kitchen where you can cook your meals, rather than eating out every night. Although restaurants are nice, being able to eat in during your long-term stay saves you money. Most also include a dining or living area, possibly both, separate from your bedroom space. The floor plan should seem more like that of a real apartment, as opposed to the typical short-term hotel scheme with a single room and bathroom.

Look for Options

When you’ll be staying somewhere for an extended period of time, you want it to be as close to familiar as you can make it, in order to keep you comfortable and productive. Apartment hotels in Nairobi should offer you a variety of room selections with varying amenities to make your stay as close to a home experience as possible. Some hotels offer multiple bedrooms, in case your family comes as well. Others include office options that give you a space to work. Look for a hotel that is prepared to accommodate your needs to ensure the best possible stay.

Superior Value

Although it might be tempting to stay in a high-end luxury hotel for the duration of your trip, you might be surprised to find that often an apartment hotel is not only more comfortable, it’s also cheaper. Many apartment hotels offer discounts for extended stays or have lower rates, to begin with. Luxury hotels tend to mark up their prices, so you get fewer home-like amenities for a higher cost. Most of the basics will be pretty much the same, so you’re better off to save those extra dollars for a night out on the town or a few souvenirs.

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