Price Considerations for Hotels

People travel for any number of reasons from pleasure to business. There are many things people look for and consider while shopping round for their hotel but one of the biggest things that influence the final decision on where to book reservations often comes down to prices. It is important however, to have an understanding of what can influence the price of an Orange County Airport hotel.

Location– the location of the hotel has a lot to do with the price of the rooms because hotels located near main attractions and major transportation hubs usually cost more for the convenience factor.

Time of Year– seasons can influence prices as peak travel times, holidays, and tourist seasons can all cause price to peak and to be higher than other times of the year.

Room Type- the room you choose also will impact the price as the more beds there are the more it costs but the more people in the room can often lower prices by dividing the cost up among more people.

Amenities- getting a room with a great view, wifi, in-room kitchen, cable tv, room service, a fridge or microwave, or other amenities like valet parking or a swimming pool often cost more.

Special Features– do you need a wakeup call each morning or are you interested in a continental breakfast every morning? These special features may end up costing you more.

Addons and Extras- having pets or children in the room, having extra people in the room, and other features and special request may incur additional fees and charges for each day that you are in the hotel.

Length of Stay – some places offer discounts for longer stays or stays that span the week but not the weekends so check prices for different lengths of stays and see if you can get a better rate.

If you need to find an Orange County Airport hotel within your budget range, consider Atrium Hotel and let them show you what an affordable yet comfortable hotel stay is like!

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