While In Kenya Treat Yourself To Elegance With A Luxury Hotel

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Hotels and Motels


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A lion’s mane unfurls in the light of the morning sun. An elephant sounds her call to wake her newborn calf. A cheetah speeds through the dawn in search of food. This is Africa, and this is Kenya. This African nation is full of incredible opportunities to witness these animals in their natural habitat. It is also home to challenging hikes, tours of cheese factories, and trips to the beach! If this sounds like the trip of a lifetime, than start planning today! You can even book a room at a luxury hotel in Kenya if you enjoy a little indulgence and home comforts when traveling and exploring.

Voyaging through Kenya and its diverse landscape of people, animals, and geography, may leave you feeling weary and in need of some relaxation at the end of your day. Therefore, you would greatly benefit from reserving your room at a luxury hotel in Kenya. Many of these hotels offer reservation services on their website, meaning you can book your room anytime day or night.

Many hotels also offer discounts and special packages. A common discount occurs when you book your room well in advance. The discount may include a price cut for the room, free access to a fitness room or spa, and even complimentary wi-fi in your room. Other hotels offer weekend discounts for Friday and Saturday night stays. These are perfect for any couple’s romantic getaway or a quick family trip. If you plan to stay for a week at your hotel, you may only have to pay for 6 nights, for many hotels are beginning to offer this as a promotional discount.

If you enjoy the convenience of home cooked foods just a short walk from your room, you will be feeling lucky when staying at a luxury hotel in Kenya. Many offer dining from the early morning to late night. Many restaurants feature outdoor eating and drinking areas. These al-fresco services create a true Kenyan experience, as you can choose from traditional foods and meals as well as elegant international cuisine. Breakfasts usually include a selection of egg, meat and sweet potato dishes. Lunch may feature poultry and beef as well as light sandwiches and salads. Dinner is where the international flavor comes into play as many hotel restaurants offer elegant seafood dishes and hand crafted desserts.

When planning your trip to Kenya, there is much to consider. From day trips to the safari or city, to hiking to waterfalls, you may have quite a full schedule. However, treating yourself to the beauty of a luxury hotel in Kenya will leave you feeling rested and nourished after a long day spent exploring.

By booking a reservation at a Wasini Hotel in Kenya, you are reserving moments of solitude and relaxation. You will be provided with cozy amenities and friendly service at Wasini Hotel, meaning your stay will be pleasant and your sleep peaceful.