Safety Tips For Staying At Hostels In NYC

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Hotels and Motels


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Hostels are a fantastic alternative to hotels when travelling. The social nature of a hostel means that travelers can meet like-minded people from all over the world, and share in some amazing adventures. While hostels in NYC are perfectly safe, and a great way to explore the city, some people still have concerns about staying in one. Here are some additional tips, to provide the wary traveler with some comfort about staying in a hostel while in the Big Apple.


Take some time and research the hostel. Being familiar with where a traveler will be staying can help ease a worried mind. Investigate the location, and the surrounding neighborhoods, and plan out routes to desired destinations in advance. Even after arriving, ask the other guests about the area. A benefit of staying in hostels is that there are tons of people around, who can give a more accurate description of what to expect than can be found online. Also take some time and look into the size of the dorm and the type of bedding available. Knowing what to anticipate upon arrival can take a lot of worry out of travel.

Use The Lockers Or Security Provided

Most people who stay in hostels in NYC are good people who would never dream of stealing anyone else’s belongings, but to give travelers additional peace of mind, it’s a good idea to use the lockers or other forms of secure storage that are provided. Some hostels will even offer to secure luggage after check out, for an additional fee.

Don’t Carry A Lot of Cash

This is a pretty good tip for travelling in general. Again, while the majority of guests at the hostel wouldn’t resort to theft, it’s never a good idea to carry a lot of cash when travelling. Aside from the obvious worries of being mugged or robbed, there’s the additional worry of losing or misplacing one’s wallet. More and more places accept debit, credit, or other, more secure methods of payment, making travelling with little cash possible.

Travel In Groups

One of the most advantageous things about staying in a hostel is the amount of people a traveler can meet. To stay safe in New York City, travel in groups – don’t leave the hostel with just one other person, bring the whole gang. Whenever travelers leave a bar or social activity, be sure that the entire gang comes back to the hostel too.

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