Tips for Making the Perfect Crepes!

Crepes may be considered French cuisine, but they have been embraced by North Americans as a breakfast staple and a delicious Sunday brunch treat. Many consider them almost as easy as making pancakes, although there are a few things to keep in mind when making the perfect batch. Whether you want to surprise mom for Mother’s Day, or host a Sunday brunch for friends and family, crepes are a great way to show you care! Visiting a creperie is the way to go, but if you are unable to do so then follow the below tips to try it on your own.

Here are some tips for making the perfect crepes:

1) Refrigerate: The batter should be refrigerated for at least one hour. A cooled and mixed batter causes the gluten to ‘relax’ and makes for light, airy crepes.

2) Use the right pan: You should always use a heavy bottom pan, preferably stainless steel. You pan needs to have even heat, and having a heavy bottom will achieve this. Non-stick pans don’t always brown evenly and can leave a mottled pattern, so try to use a pan without any coating.

3) Heat slowly: If you heat the pan too quickly you will find yourself fiddling with the temperature knob as it gets too cool or starts to burn. For gas stoves, setting to just below medium may work well, but you’ll have to find the setting that works best with your stove. If your pan isn’t hot enough, the crepe will stick to the pan.

4) Over-butter: That doesn’t mean you have to deep fry it, but you definitely want enough butter in the pan so the bottom is thinly covered, as well as part of the sides. The first crepe may be a bit crisp (and that’s ok!) but the rest should come out perfect.

5) Don’t flip early: If you flip too early the crepe may stick or fall apart. Wait until the edges are nice and brown and the crepe is no longer shiny.

6) Toppings: You can use your imagination and top with any combination of whip cream, fruit and even brandy. Choose berries and other fruit that are in season and combine with whip cream for a mouth-watering set of crepes that will have everyone asking for more!

Making the perfect crepe takes some patience, skill, and plenty of practice. Of course, if you’ve tried the above and you still crave the perfect batch, consider going to a creperie in Houston for your crepe fix! These eateries are well-versed in making the perfect breakfast.

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