Only a Donut and Coffee Will Do Mid-Morning or Between Meetings

Sometimes only donuts will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you find yourself in Chicago craving donuts and coffee in between meetings, where do you go? Only the best Chicago donut shops will do, and there is sure to be one close by. Most donut and coffee shops aim to have the feel of a neighborhood coffee shop and strive to feature top-notch menus.

All Flavor Cravings Are Covered

Maybe you are a donut traditionalist. Glazed, plain and sugar cake are always good choices for the purist. However, if you want just a little adventure, try something vanilla with sprinkles. Are you in the mood for a more exotic flavor? You could try a specialty donut like a lemon raspberry donut with lovely glazed ridges.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

A donut shop these days could not top the list of Chicago donut shops if it did not offer vegan and gluten-free options. Sugary, vegan goodness with a great cup of dark roast or cold-brewed iced coffee is sure to satisfy.

Maybe Just Coffee or Tea?

Dark roast, house-blend and decaf should be made fresh along with cold-brew, lattes and macchiatos. Hot and iced tea should also be on offer. The best donut shops have teams of baristas who are expertly trained to ensure your special drink order is made to perfection.

What About Other Pastries?

Customers are always on the hunt for new and unusual pastries and flavor profiles, such as cronut or donut-shaped cookies. With a crispy, outer edge and soft center, you can’t beat a donut-shaped cookie for a fun treat. Make sure to order some milk because dunking will probably happen.

Catering and Delivery Are Available

Customers like options when ordering. You might want a pick-up option or the ability to order online. With new third-party delivery options, a donut can be available almost anywhere.

Make your next event a huge hit with donuts, cookies and coffee. To order from one of the best Chicago donut shops, contact our pastry pros at Stan’s Donuts & Coffee or check out our website. You will be happy you did.

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