Benefits of corporate housing

If you need a place to stay for a short-term work assignment or some other reason, it can be tough. Most apartments won’t do a lease that’s less than six months, and staying in a hotel for several weeks or months can be very expensive. These options may not provide enough space if you have to house more than one person. A good alternative can be corporate housing, which offers a number of benefits.

Short-term Leases
One of the biggest benefits of corporate housing in St Louis, MO, is the ability to get the kind of lease you want. Whether you need a place to stay for just a month or several months, corporate housing offers you options that are affordable. While you may pay a little more than you would for a regular apartment, short-term corporate housing will likely be markedly cheaper than a long-term hotel stay.

Everything’s Included
Another benefit of staying in corporate housing is that everything typically is included. This includes all the utilities, which eliminates the huge hassle of having to try to set up electricity, water, and other services when you are only staying for a month or two. You Get Lots of Amenities
An additional benefit of corporate housing in St Louis, MO, is the number of amenities you get. In addition to the fact that the units are fully furnished, you also get all the other things you may need, including linens, bathroom items, kitchen utensils, and washers and dryers. This makes your stay seamless, as the only things you need to bring with you are personal items, clothes and any medicines that you may need.

If you will be staying in the St. Louis area and need short-term corporate housing, St. Louis’ corporate housing is a good option. We offer fully furnished one-, two- and three-bedroom units. More information is available at website

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