Hearty Bites Of Meat And Pita

If you enjoy a variety of flavors, then you want to try a gyro. They can be made with almost any kind of ingredient, but there are a few that are used more than others in the Greek dish. Some of the best gyros in Mesa AZ are made with lamb or beef along with onions and a yogurt spread on a pita. Toasting the pita bread can give you a delicate crunch that combines well with the vegetables that are used.

This is a type of sandwich that isn’t made using traditional slices of bread. The pita gives the gyro a bit more flavor and holds up to the ingredients that are used. When you’re looking for the best gyros in Mesa AZ, try to find restaurants that use the freshest ingredients so that you have the best flavors possible. Meat that is used is usually in thin slices instead of thick pieces. The meat is often marinated so that it’s tender and has more flavor. Although lamb and beef are common in a gyro, pork is often used as well. Tomato slices and onions are common vegetables, but if you’re looking for fresh flavors, then you can add items like cucumbers or olives.

A thin layer of yogurt sauce is spread on the pita bread. The best gyros often use plain yogurt with minimal spices so that the flavors of the ingredients shine through. Once the sauce is spread, the meat is added. The type of meat used is layered so that it covers almost the entire area of the pita, giving a hearty bite each time you enjoy the gyro. Vegetables are sliced a bit thicker and are evenly spread across the meat. You can add seasonings to the gyro, but most are left plain as the ingredients combine together to give a delicious taste.

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