Full Flavor In Ribs

There’s nothing like walking into a restaurant and smelling the smoky aroma of BBQ ribs. While making ribs might seem like an easy task, there are a few secrets behind cooking smoked BBQ ribs Saint Louis restaurants offer. Instead of cooking ribs until the entire portion of meat is done, you want to get the thickest piece of meat to about 160 degrees. Once this part gets done, turn the heat down so that the meat can continue cooking and absorb the flavors instead of the meat getting tough.

An option instead of using sauce when making smoked BBQ ribs Saint Louis restaurants sell is to use a dry rub. It takes about eight hours for the flavors to settle into the meat, but there’s not as much of a mess, and you’re usually going to get a flavor that’s more intense. Apple cider vinegar or beer can be used to keep your ribs moist while they are cooking if you’re not using sauce. Keep a spray bottle or either liquid on hand so that you can quickly spray the meat while it’s cooking without leaving the lid of the smoker up for long periods of time.

When you’re making ribs, you need to use meat from a butcher instead of the meat that you get at a grocery store. You’re going to have a fresher cut of meat and one that is sometimes a lower price. Avoid buying meat in advance. The earliest you should get ribs to smoke is two days before you plan on cooking. This will keep them from drying out and losing their natural flavors. Rub your ribs with the flavors that you’re going to use the night before you cook, leaving them in the refrigerator overnight so that more of the flavor is absorbed.

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