Enjoy a Delicious Gyros in Mesa

When it comes to delicious Greek food, the first thing that comes to mind is Gyros. There is nothing better than flavorful, delicious food and the best gyros in Mesa; AZ are exactly that, delicious.

What are Gyros?

Gyro is thinly sliced roasted meat with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce stuffed inside pita bread. The meat can be either pork, chicken, veal, or lamb and is cooked on a vertical rotisserie or spit with a special blend of spices.

Traditionally, the gyro is Mediterranean food, but it is served all over the world. In Greece, gyro meat is mainly pork or beef, and the sandwich is served with french fries. In the U.S., the sandwich is often with lamb and served with tzatziki sauce or a cucumber sauce.

Origins of Gyros

Although the word gyro is Greek, the gyro hails from Turkey. The first gyro came to the U.S. when the “father of the Gyros,” George Apostolou, brought the sandwich to Chicago in 1965. The dish was so popular that other restaurants started serving the sandwich.

Fun Facts

Did you know that September 1st is National Gyros Day? Gyros are so popular that a special day was created just for the gyros.

Gyros are very popular, and the gyro is one of the most mispronounced food items. Gyro is pronounced “Yeh-to.” There is no letter G in the Greek language.

The word gyro means “to turn.” The meat is cooked on a rotisserie!

A world record was set for the largest gyro when Sami Eid, a Lebanese restaurateur living in Cyprus made an 8,866-pound gyro.

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