Choosing the Best Catering in Detroit

When you need to handle an event’s catering in Detroit, the most important thing is to ensure the food is fantastic. If it isn’t, even the best planning and entertainment can feel like they fall short. Many people hit up the Internet to find the best restaurants to visit, and that is a great option. Getting ideas of other people’s experiences can prevent you from a culinary disaster. However, to ensure the best food, we’ll share a few other tips.

Consider Responsiveness

One of the most important things when it comes to catering is choosing a caterer who truly focuses on you and your needs. When you speak with a potential caterer, you should expect them to ask lots of questions to be sure about your needs. If the person you speak to doesn’t seem interested in learning about your event by asking about the budget, goals, and purpose, it could be time to move on.

Flexible Menu Items

Most catering services will have a menu or several menus that you can choose from. But having some flexibility about what is offered can be a great selling point. If you can’t customize your order and substitute as needed, that could be a red flag. The best caterers are going to work with you to ensure that the food you get fits your needs in every way possible. If they seem inflexible or unwilling to change the menu, you may be better off with another option for catering in Detroit.

Plenty of Experience

Some caterers are great for one type of event but may not have the experience to host another. For instance, if you’re having a casual catering event, you may not want to choose a company that largely works with black tie events. Take time to seek proposals from caterers who are used to doing events similar to the one you are hosting. If the caterer isn’t capable of handling the event, a good one will be honest about that to ensure you get what you want.

Seek References

If you want to know how a caterer is to work with and whether they can handle your event, ask for references. Any company should be happy to provide you with a list of clients you can speak with to find out whether they are right for your needs. You may even ask to observe an event to see how they handle the work with your own eyes.

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