The Place to Go to for Coffee and Donuts Is in West Loop

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Donuts


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One of the good West Loop Coffee Shops in existence is a café that serves excellently crafted coffee, mouth-watering donuts, delicious sandwiches, and more. Donuts and coffee can be purchased for special events, but you can also sit down and enjoy donuts and coffee at the shop. Donuts are also available at a wholesale price. A more detailed description of what this coffee shop offers follows.

Hot coffee is on the menu. Steaming coffee selections include espresso, cappuccino, mocha, house blend coffee and others. Hot chocolate and chai tea are also served.

Cold coffee is offered. Choices of cold brews include vanilla cream, hazelnut cream, and more. Cold coffee mixed with chocolate milk is available, too.

You will find incredibly delicious standard donuts like plain old-fashioned, glazed, powdered sugar, and glazed donuts to snack on. Specialty choices are also available and include donuts filled with cream, carrot cake donuts, and donuts topped with a strawberry or chocolate glaze. Donuts made without gluten and donuts created using a vegan recipe are also available.

Aside from donuts, you can order a bagel, oatmeal, a burrito, a panini, and other foods on the menu. You can ask for a croissant. Plant-based sausage is served, so if you don’t eat meat and like the taste of sausage, you can consider this an option.

Out of all the West Loop coffee shops around, Stan’s Donuts & Coffee has to be the best. If you have questions about the café, the food it serves, or its location call 312-243-7657. Should you decide you want to go online to view the menu, go to