The Importance of Air Filters

Choosing the right filter for your family home can be extremely challenging especially when you are not quite sure where to start. There are various different types of furnace air filters such as pleated filters, disposable filters, electrical, and mechanical. While many experts say that pleated air filters are the best choice for your home, others would be apt to disagree. Hopefully this guide will help you to choose the right air filter for your home so you and your family can breathe easily.

Electrical Filters vs Mechanical Filters

To begin, there are a couple of different air filters you can choose from.

1. Mechanical – A mechanical air filter evacuates airborne contaminations by catching them onto the medium of the filter.
2. Electrical. Electronic air channels utilize a field of electricity draw in and trap dirt.

Most families choose to use mechanical channels due to the fact that they will save them money. Your family’s home probably has a disposable filter, and level fiberglass channels that are exceptionally reasonable, however do little to expel germs that are in the air. Several homeowners upgrade and redesign their panel or flat filter or use a pleated filter which are a bit pricier, and give more surface zone to block out hypersensitivity bringing on particles.

Pleated filters cover 3 to 4 times more area surface then typical flat filters. They range in price from $6 -$20. Electronic air cleaners can remove many particles that are extremely small and can trap pollutants much like a magnet would.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters are manufactured from cotton or polyester paper and are traditionally just panel filters that are pleated and sometimes folded so that there is more area to work with. These surface filters have a depth of about 1-6 inches and provide excellent efficiency. When you purchase a different model, it could get to about 6-12 inches in depth.

The typical pleated filter will give you about three times more area to work with than a standard air filter. A pleated filter therefore can capture quite a bit more particles, without causing problems with your furnace.

Pleated filters are much more cost-effective and are the best for individuals who suffer from mild allergies.

Disposable pleated air filters are probably one of the most popular options available due to the fact that it is made of cotton or polyester paper. It can get rid of some of the smaller particles such as mites and spores.

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