Stay Someplace in Fresno That Has Some Class and a Lot of Comfort

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Hotel


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Traveling to Fresno, CA means that you will have to find regional airports that can take you there, or you will have to be willing to drive in a rental car from another larger airport. In the meantime, you will have to find the top airport hotel in Fresno for your accommodations. The locals all agree that the top airport hotel in Fresno has to offer provides all of the extras and then some.

Classy Without the Huge Sticker Shock

You want a hotel that is a little classy, at the very least, but you don’t want one that asks for your first born to stay there. Thankfully, even with travel costs soaring right now, this hotel in Fresno charges a very reasonable nightly rate and has more than enough class to make you feel pampered. The lobby alone looks like it belongs to a regal resort, and the rooms are very comfortable and posh.

Amenities Abound

There’s a fitness center, banquet halls, laundry service, pool, spa, and even onsite dining if you are too tired to go out to eat when you arrive. The rooms have TV and cable service, free Wi-Fi in the rooms, and space to work on a laptop or just sit in comfort and see the views from your balcony or patio. The usual amenities of an in-room coffee maker and hairdryer are also available. If you would like to know more, or book a room in advance, contact the Piccadilly Inn Airport hotel in Fresno via