Something Small Can Have So Much Flavor

Quail eggs are some of the smallest eggs that are available for mankind to eat. They have a very subtle and light taste. If you would like something more however you should look into the pickled quail eggs in Columbus, GA. As soon as you pop one into your mouth and take your first bite it explodes and spreads the flavor all around your taste buds. It is a culinary experience that is difficult to match.

What’s the Secret to a Good Pickling
In order to get a good pickled flavor in quail eggs you need to have the right balance of heat and bitterness. If one of those elements is too much it can be difficult for a palette to handle. When you combine the perfect blend of spices with a spicy vinegar and sliced jalapenos you have hit the balance you want. You get the heat from the peppers that kicks it up a notch and the slight bitter and tart notes from the vinegar. It is quail eggs but with an infusion of zing added into them.

They Know How to Transform the Humble Egg
Stripling’s General Store first opened its doors on a small family farm in 1964. Since then they have worked hard to perfect their meats, spices, rubs, sauces, jams and jellies that have grown their business into the success it is today. Their recipes have withstood the test of time and have a proven track record of making dinner parties something truly incredible to experience. You can visit their website today and find out about all of the products they have available. You can also see some of the recipes they have devised that will offer you new and exciting dishes to offer to your guests.

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