Little Olive Lounge – Exquisite Cocktails and Entertainment

Are you seeking a night of adventure set apart from the usual humdrum of a typical party-time Friday? Little Olive Lounge stands out from the other Wicker Park Chicago bars with its theme nights and spectacular menu. Despite its extensive cocktail venue, Little Olive Lounge presents a laid-back atmosphere.

Enjoy a salon that gives you the best of multiple worlds with a blend of a sports bar, dance club, and event hall. You have an option to reserve space for semi-private parties of 12 to 20 people. Alternatively, entire rooms or the whole bar is available if you want to entertain 30 to 60 of your guests.

Find comfort in a place like home with the curtains draped in the backdrop and candles providing their warm wavering glow. Seasonal appetizers and award-winning cocktails are passed among the guests in party style.

If you would like to simply dine in, the menu features New American food. Feast on anything from New York strip steak sandwiches to Buffalo wings to salads and greens to pizza. Made with high-quality ingredients, the food tastes amazing.

As mentioned above, Little Olive Lounge organizes different themed nights. You might participate in ladies night, Bingo Thursday, trivia night or happy hour. You can catch a few football games on televisions throughout the salon or show your moves on the dance floor to music mixed by a DJ. You may get lucky and see a performance by a live musician or comedian.

Little Olive Lounge posts scheduled events and special occasions on social media. They also can cater any events you would like to host such as weddings or corporate retreats. Cocktails and food brings a signature element to every occasion.

With overwhelming proof that Little Olive Lounge goes way beyond regular Wicker Park Chicago bars, you should visit in person or hop to

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