Keep the Spark Alive in a Godly Marriage at a North Carolina Retreat

Even though your marriage might be strong due to the love that is shared between each other and the communication that is conducted, there could be times when you need to work on a few issues. You might need to gain the faith and devotion back that you once had when you were first married. Here are a few tips for planning a marriage retreat that has God at the center.

Building Teams

Marriage is often considered a team effort. While attending retreat centers for Christian married couples, try to plan a few games and activities so that couples can build trust together. These are often fun and lead to a lot of laughs as well.

The Right Place

Make sure the retreat is held in a location that is convenient for most couples. If it’s a few hours away, then consider reserving a form of transportation for those who are unable to drive the distance. The retreat center should offer the proper housing for couples as well as amenities to make couples feel comfortable.


When you begin planning a retreat, you want to have a few speakers come to talk to the couples about various issues that they might experience. Speakers for

retreat centers for Christian married couples could talk about finances and how to budget money better, how to keep the romantic spark alive, and how to positively communicate instead of pushing issues to the side or arguing about them. Speakers should be able to clearly offer guidance while being able to have a little fun with the couples at the same time.

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