Indulge Your Taste Buds at the Best Steakhouse in NYC

Benjamin Steakhouse has been an industry leader in the New York City steak scene for over 7 years and has established itself as one of the top 10 steakhouses in NYC.

Since its creation, Benjamin Steakhouse has served New York City across 7 delectable years, highly established avenues and prime meal selections. Whether you’re traveling, staying to dine-in or are out for a “night on the town”, Benjamin Steakhouse is the place to be.

It’s All about the Standard
Benjamin Steakhouse utilizes high-quality suppliers to provide steakhouse excellence, and their selected inventory has surpassed all industry standards to redefine a premium steak taste.

What’s in a Steak?
Prime steaks display excellent cut, taste and composition. Persistent in both juiciness and tenderness, Benjamin Steakhouse features the area’s finest beef supply to achieve its stance as New York’s premier steak location.

Provided by experienced steak cutters, and served through ultimate dining experiences, the steakhouse has maintained high quality standards through well-met marbling scores and custom-cut options. Each selection has been acquired through credible, and experienced, butchers, prepared with industry standard seasonings and prepared to maintain juiciness, color and temperature.

Dry-aged beef is always an option, and each dish has fit high-quality criteria to ensure excellence while keeping perfect temperature and moisture levels. A main provider of New York City meat markets, Benjamin Steakhouse is renowned for its one-of-a-kind steak preparation: A dry-aging box is utilized for every cut, offering unique taste through natural means.

Quality Hospitality, Every Time
At Benjamin Steakhouse, you’re always welcome, and each dish is provided through genuine hospitality capable of serving home-style classics within intimate, exciting and innovative settings.

Respect is always guaranteed, and individuals are served via a talented, loving staff keen upon providing excellence. Staff managers have handpicked each member—ensuring top-quality performance to accompany the area’s premium specialties.

Enthusiasm is always present, and the organization delivers grand steaks on many levels: through taste, provisioning, serving and more. Longevity is a Benjamin Steakhouse staple, and the establishment has inspired the industry for decades.

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