Hotels with the perfect extras

Hotels often boast what they offer their guests, the trick when traveling is finding one that actually fulfills what they offer. Several things must come together to make a stay at any hotel go from great to amazing. Location, price, amenities package, and a staff that is friendly and attentive, will help make any hotel stay far greater than expected. Many of these additions won’t be listed on a website or online. The personal touches a great staff adds to keep their guests happy is something you will not be able to experience until you are actually on property to witness the disposition of the staff you will be trusting yourself and your family’s vacation to.

Making a hotel great

Many things go into making a hotel great. The staff, of course, are the leaders of your vacation experience, but there is quite a bit involved in making a stay perfect. Special touches such as meals being offered, shuttles offered to local attractions, guest laundry services, and valet services, make your stay not only more comfortable and luxurious, but also more personal. Having a staff offer to make your day more enjoyable goes a long way to making a vacation one your will remember for a long time to come.

A Perfect Area

Finding a hotel in Irvine area that is centered close to the excitement of the area is ideal. With some hotels offering things such as shuttle to and from attractions in the vicinity, it makes it much easier to get out and about to enjoy what the area has to offer. This ability will make your vacation much more enjoyable and give you and your family many wonderful memories.

If you find yourself in search of a hotel in Irvine, the friendly staff at the Atrium hotel will gladly welcome you into their hotel and try to make your stay one you will always remember.

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