Common Homeowner Questions About Frameless Shower Enclosures In Columbus IN

Homeowners who want an entirely new look for their bathroom often choose to have a frameless shower enclosure installed. In addition to the streamlined appearance of these shower enclosures, they have additional features that benefit homeowners. Read the questions and answers below to learn more information before contacting an experienced company that offers Frameless Shower Enclosures in Columbus IN.

Q.) How does a frameless shower enclosure differ from other types of enclosures?

A.) Traditional shower enclosures are made with metal frames that hold long panes of glass. A frameless shower enclosure doesn’t have a metal frame around the glass panes, so they stand alone. There is metal on the sides of each pane of glass, and these metal pieces hold the panes together.

Q.) What sizes are available when purchasing frameless shower enclosures?

A.) There are multiple standard sizes of frameless shower doors that can be purchased, or homeowners can choose to have a custom shower enclosure made to their specifications. When choosing this type of shower enclosure, homeowners have many options available to customize their bathroom any way they choose.

Q.) What are the benefits of a frameless shower enclosure beside its appearance?

A.) The glass in a frameless shower enclosure is thicker and more durable than glass that’s used in a framed shower enclosure. Since this glass stands alone without a frame, manufacturers use a strong glass in these enclosures. This type of shower enclosure is also easier to clean because there isn’t any metal around the glass to trap dirt and germs. Homeowners can choose from various types of shower enclosure glass, such as patterned, frosted and colored glass. Before choosing an enclosure, homeowners can view the selections and the different kinds of glass by visiting a company that specializes in Frameless Shower Enclosures in Columbus IN.

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