A Guide to Atlanta Vegetarian Dining

Atlanta is fast becoming one of the USA’s vegetarian dining hotpots. The capital city of Georgia, Atlanta is home to a fantastic range of cuisines and cultures, many of which offer a wonderful selection of vegetarian dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to eliminate meat from your diet, you’re sure to find something to your tastes in Atlanta. You can find restaurants that have been running for decades or brand-new game-changers all within the same district. Atlanta vegetarian dining scene has never been more exciting- read on to find out why.

Some restaurants in Atlanta go further than simply offering vegetarian cuisine. There are a number of plant-based eateries who work to replicate soul food or comfort food with exclusively vegan or vegetarian ingredients. While this may sound odd or unconvincing, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. There’s a reason these spots are so popular. Still, if that doesn’t sound particularly appealing to you, you’ll probably notice that Atlanta’s vegetarian dining options are expanding in regular restaurants, too. Lots of restaurants now offer at least one plant-based dish, even if the rest of their menu is steak or seafood.

One of the best things about Atlanta’s vegetarian dining scene is that the city boasts many more exotic plant-based dining destinations, too. While the establishments serving American-style food are very popular, restaurants making Asian cuisine tend to also be very well-received. These are often great places to find delicious vegetarian dishes, too. Vegetarianism is more common in Asia, and this is reflected in the dishes you can find at Asian restaurants. Chinese and Indian cuisine, in particular, tend to have a great variety of plant-based food, meaning you might want to try the nearest Asian eatery next time you’re looking for somewhere to eat. The array of vegetarian dishes might surprise you!

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